When you transform space you transform culture


Unboring the meetingroom

Designing a space with a clear focus on innovation 

Taking a look at your rooms and spaces. Which can be changed, and how? From boring to unboring? From static to innovative spaces?

Inspired by the creative methods of Edward de Bono 

A room inspired by Edward de Bonos ideas of lateral thinking and the six thinking hats. An amazing change, from low energy to high energy.

Meet your friendly spaceinvaders

Peter Ludvigsen

30 years of creative concept development and storytelling in the advertising industry. Focus on target groups and communication

David Rønne

25 years of visual and spacial design, 15 years in the advertising industry, Focus on target groups and design


Listen to understand – change to transform

Cultural Changing projects in companies tend to be endless. Analyzis and discussions lasts forever often ending up in nothing.

Space Invasion has a different approach. We bypass long processing and simply use rooms to change peoples moods. Does it sound simple? It is.

We create pride, satisfaction and happiness.

We do it easy.



Start shooting

Taking at look at your culture. What would like to adjust or change? What would you like to achieve? We help formulate a creative vision. A crazy room? An energizing room? A pride room? Relaxing room? A provocative meeting room?
Whatever our needs are – we follow through all the way from the first idea to the last pillow.

From bland to bold

Watch transformations in action

IMG_20210917_103723 23-03-06_David Trappaud___DSC0837_BW_web

A powerfull visuality greets visitors and leave a lasting impression

IMG_20210902_120828 23-03-06_David Trappaud___DSC0812_BW_web

A once bland hallway is tranformed to a dynamic meeting point with it’s own unique identity

IMG_20210902_120713 23-03-06_David Trappaud___DSC0782_BW_web

An exceptional reception with unexpected solutions brings smiles and happiness

Let’s get in touch

We are friendly, here to help – and always happy to share a cup of coffee